Closet Cuck In Panties (episode 5 season 1 of Cuckold Cruelty)

Closet Cuckold In Panties

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How exciting for you cuckie… you get to watch me and a real man fuck tonight! I know I’ve told you about how me and your boss laugh at you behind your back… especially while we’re fucking… but now you’ll be able to hear it for yourself! Isn’t that hot! You’re gonna be so pissed off at this that it’s gonna take every ounce of strength to not cry.

You’re gonna be in that closet wearing pink panties and lipstick. I mean you could burst out of that closet and try and claim to be a man and claim that you deserve to be treated like a big boy but it’s not gonna mean anything with you looking like that, hahahaha.

Starring: Penelope

Categories: Humiliation, Sissy Training, Crossdressing, Panty Fetish, Lipstick Fetish, Cuckolding,  Domestic Servitude, Lingerie.



Keywords: penelopesissificationbullylipstick

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