Cruelty Makes Me Cum. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 12)

Cruelty Makes Me Cum. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 12)

Skyla Novea
Skyla Novea

Hey babe, so yea I sent you the video. The sissy perv saw my panties and well… we both know what that means right, haha. Yup he’s on his way over with some shiny pink lipstick to lube up your Cock! Well, hey, a pledge is a pledge.

The dweeb saw my panties and I made him recite the sissy pledge, word for word so, ya… he’s on his way over right now to get face fucked, haha. Why am I moaning??? Well, I’m touching myself cuz it gets me so wet when I think about how you bully him. Please, please can you tell me the stuff you’ve been doing to him lately??? I mean I want the dirtiest, most humiliating stuff you’ve done to him! Don’t fuckin skip anything… I wanna hear about his sissy maid duties and stuff. Like, what’s some of the mean stuff you make him do, babe?

I’m so hot I’m almost gonna cum just hearing it all again. Ohh, tell me how you got the wicked idea to make him walk all the way home with your cum in his mouth. Like, did you know how mortified he was gonna be when I saw that? Did you know I was gonna have to play with my pussy when I heard about it, cuz it’s so Fucking mean? Yea, well it worked cuz I sent the fag right back over there for more cruelty and I am definitely playing with my pussy. Are you gonna fuck his sissy fag mouthwhen he gets there, babe? Ohh yes, your gonna use his pretty pink lipstick as lube for your superior cock???

Are you gonna make the fag thank his daddy? Are you gonna keep the sissy’s balls nice and blue while you spray thick ropes of superior cum all over those cum catching lashes? That’s so hot! Oohhh yes… make him beg for your cum, eat your cum, wear your cum…

Oh yes I’m cuming… cuming, ohhh Fuck! Oh fuck, ohhhh fuck yes. Ooh that was sooo good. Your such a Fucking man, babe. That was such a good orgasm, oh fuck! Ahhhhh, oh can you send me a video of it later… I mean only if you make him cry like a fag cuz I obviously love that. Ok babe, enjoy, bye.

Starring Skyla Novea

Categories: Forced Bi, Cum Eating Instructions, CEI, Femdom, Sissy Training, Female Supremacy, Taboo, Step-Sister, Domestic Servitude, Humiliation.



A Picture of Skyla Novea A Picture of Skyla Novea A Picture of Skyla Novea A Picture of Skyla Novea

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