Do Ya Want Dirt With That? The Office Of Extinction (episode 3)

Food Crush Fetish

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You must be starving. Getting your chastity cage fitted took a while. Plus all that hair removal and and all the paperwork. I guess it didn’t help that the interrogation ladies were waxing you at the same time as we were trying to do the paperwork, hahahaha.

I mean it’s not supposed to take that long to make you to write out a full beta loser confession but you kept stopping to scream every time they pulled a chunk of your hair out, hahahaha. Sorry hun but it gets good ratings. Yea, we’re gonna use that footage in your intro before we drag you out on stage to be humiliated on state propaganda tv.

And now you get to sit down to a quiet dinner… and by sit, I mean on your hands and knees. And by quiet dinner, I mean you’re gonna eat it off the floor.

Come on beta boy… it’s chow time… be thankful that this is not the same shoes I use to stomp cocks in… lick them clean. Actually that gives me an idea, I do have a bunch of shoes that have ball sweat and cock goo on them… all that ballbusting really gets shoes and boots filthy. Be a dear and beg to clean all my heels.

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