Fag Fuckover. The Full Fuckover (season 1 episode 2)

I’m gonna make this ride down into complete ruin, something that your begging me for the whole way!

Do you see what I’m wearing??? Tight shiny black leggings??? Do you know I’m showing you my perfect ass in these? Because it’s a cruel way for me to show you what you can never have.

You’d love the thin black barrier of rejection being pressed up against your loser cock and balls so much that you’d do anything to keep me on your lap! Even if I was doing something terrible to you.

What could it be? Do you want it?

Well now that I’m on your lap and you’ve been begging for more of the “Full Fuckover” it’s time to give you what you need. Something like this, a tattoo… this stuff is called henna. It won’t come off for weeks.

Look at this henna… do ya want it? I might put a penis on your hand…  it will be extra laughable when your paying for my coffee runs. Just think about how you traded a few minutes of me on your lap for two weeks of wearing a dick tattoo on your hand.

I’ll write FAG on your other hand, haha. Are you enjoying this, fag? (In a Sing songy voice) “Fag… fag… oh you’re such a fag with these tattoos on your hands… Fag… Fag.. “

I just feel like you need a great big “Cum Dumpster “ tattoo right on your neck and chest! I’ll put the word “Cum” nice and high on your neck so that you can’t hide it… and “dumpster “ right below it all across your chest. I’m gonna make this the most humiliating lap dance you’ve ever had!

Do ya want me to keep this lap dance going??? I know you do …. but ya know what??? I think there’s only one way to make this a “Full Fuckover “… so you know what’s coming next right? Awe, I know you need me to tattoo that face of yours. You need this huh??? Yea, I can see that you do so … here we go!

Enjoy it as I’m tattooing you like it’s the last time a girl would give you the time of day. Cuz it will be, haha! You’re about to be a walking joke! Just a bit more, fag. Hold on… your life is almost ruined… muah! There ya go!

Only the best girls on the fucking planet are gonna have losers that beg for this, haha. And that’s me!  All my friends are gonna be jealous of me that I got a slave to fuck up like this. Your fucked! Your soooo fucked!

Starring: Performer of the Year 2017 AVN Award Winner, Adriana Chechik

Categories: Humiliation, Strippers, Latex Leggings, Femdom, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Gay Humiliation

Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik Adriana Chechik Adriana Chechik Adriana Chechik Adriana Chechik

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