French Maid Forever – Dweeb Destruction Episode 5

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Oh, yea… you were quite convincing… the way you begged mom to do all my chores… the way you explained how badly you needed to practice wearing heels… the way you kept your cock sticking straight out while you arched your back and dusted the whole house… mmmm… yea, that was quite convincing, hahahaha

You wanna be my full time French maid, huh??? Hahahaha

Oh my god, you fuckin do, don’t cha, hahahaha…. look at your pansy penis growing, eww gross… hahahaha…

Maybe if you ask for it for your birthday! Yes!!! That’s it… go downstairs and ask if you can be treated like a sissy maid for your birthday!!! Hahahaha.

Wanna kiss your masters shoes before you trot downstairs and ask to be the permanent house maid??? Hahahaha


Starring: Morgan Lux

Categories: Humiliation, Taboo, Step Sister, Forced Fem, Feminization, Crossdressing, Sissy Training, Sissy Maid, Sissification, School Girl, Brat Girls, Domestic Servitude, Slave Training.