Glamour Pies (Episode 4 – The Creamy Ballet)

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Anastasia and Goddess Rodea have a nice about the thick creamy pies they have when they get the idea to play with them. The proceed to step onto the pies with their bare feet and even with black stockings on. It feels sooo good on their feet that they decide to add lots and lots of thick creamy pie to their legs!

Next, Its time for Goddess Rodea to teach Anastasia about the Pie Technique of the Creamy Ballet. Rodea convinced Anastasia to stand there holding thick heavy pies while she Goddess Rodea walks back and forth getting more and more pies to smear all over her face!

Anastasia is covered from head to toe when Goddess Rodea bends down to add some of the pie to her beautiful legs!


Starring Anastasia and Goddess Rodea

Categories: Wet And Messy, Sploshing, Lesbian Domination, Whipped Cream Fetish, Lingerie, Food Play.