Humilification Day (Full Season 1)

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A 2 hour movie / series… Perfect if you’re already trapped in a chastity cage!

This is a premium film and 120 minutes usually costs way more… get it now for only $69.99. Buying each episode seperately will cost over $135.

Aiden Ashley stars in this Groundhog Day Parody in which each morning you walk in to discover that shes found your stash of humiliation and chastity porn! She loves the thought of blackmailing you, using you for your money, cuckolding you and locking you up!

Each day you wake up to find not only are you trapped into repeating the same day, over and over, but your chastity fate keeps getting worse!

Episode 1: A Month Of Chastity And Overtime
Episode 2: A Year Of Chastity And Flaunting
Episode 3: Spiked Chastity And Stroking
Episode 4: Shrinking You Into Panties
Episode 5: Caged Stretched And Used
Episode 6: Paycheck Pounding Party
Episode 7: Permanent Chastity Ass Tease
Episode 8: Castrated Cuck Conclusion

Starring: Aiden Ashley

Categories: Humiliation, Chastity, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Findom, Pegging, Butt Plugs, Panties, CBT, JOI, Ballbusting, Castration, Gelding, Forced Bi, Gay For Pay, Latex, Blackmail Fantasy, Domestic Servitude.