Lazer Kitty Part 1

Lazer Kitty visits The strongest super hero in the land, Wonder Vixen, for some training to discover the true potential of her powers. What Lazer Kitty does not know is that IT’S A TRAP!

Wonder Vixen is to follow Harlequin’s orders and get Lazer Kitty to eat and WEAR these pies to put her in to submission!

The evil plan goes wrong when Lazer Kitty gets aroused by the pies and discovers a new super power! She attacks Wonder Vixen with her kitty laser beams. Then, Still unaware of Harlequin’s involvement, Lazer Kitty decides to give Wonder Vixen a taste of her own medicine and humiliate her in front of all the other super heroes by leaving her ass up on the floor covered in pie.


Starring: Randy Moore and Charlotte Stokely

Runtime: 28 Minutes

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