Leak And Lick It Off (Episode 5 of Sissy Cuckold Contest)

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Episode 5 of Sissy Cuckold Contest – Binge Watch the Full Season 1 Here and save $$.

See this ass, wimp??? This is why you need to start getting used to the idea of eating your cum for me… this is the asshole that’s gonna come home filled with cum from Real Men that have a dick big enough to please me. Your face belongs in an asshole!

You’d love to be foot fucked and gagged with my stockinged feet shoved in your mouth… but that’s not the point of this little exercise. It’s to turn you into the biggest cum craving fag to show off my supremacy over wimps like you.

I don’t care if your not gay… in fact,  I’m telling everyone that your not, hahahaha. I’m gonna make you cum on my stockings and beg to eat that cum off of them.

Astrid Star

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