Lipstick Dare – Dweeb Destruction Episode 2

Morgan Lux
Morgan Lux

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My friends are almost here for the slumber party, dear brother… and I don’t want you being a nuisance, OK fart face???

Fart face, fart face, fart face, hahahaha

I’ll tell ya what, dweeb… if you don’t wanna be our fart face, how bout you be a pretty boy instead???

Awe, how bout I put a teeny weenie bit of makeup on you… no one will even know…

Oh, how bout I come into your room every day and taunt you into becoming the “pink lipsticked pansy” that you desperately wanna be, hahahaha

Here… lemme put on another coat… mmmmm

Oh… well since you want it sooooo bad… I’ll just have to give it to ya…

Pucker up, sweetie…


Starring: Morgan Lux

Categories: Lipstick Fetish, Humiliation, Taboo, Step Sister, Forced Fem, Feminization, Crossdressing, Sissy Training, Sissification, School Girl Uniform Costumes, Makeup Fetish.