Locked Shoe Licker (Oops, I Broke Another Peasant, Episode 2)

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Oh my, would ya look at all these sexy shoes???

Oh my, they are all a bit dusty… and who knows what I’ve stepped in… be a lamb and clean them for me… or in your case… be a worm and lick the dirt off the bottoms for me, hahahaha.

I’m supposed to be getting ready for my trip to the polo tournament right now. Keep in mind that this is a special treat and that you’ll be doing this kind of shoe cleaning all alone for months at a time without getting to see me… so I hope you appreciate the precious time I’m taking to help you, peasant.

Oh and since this is your first time… I’m gonna make a super cute video for my friends at the polo club.

Huh??? Oh no, I won’t be back tonight but there are cameras everywhere so perhaps I’ll check in on you to see if your licking them properly… and to see if your chastity cage is pinching you while your licking them, hahahaha.

Oh, there’s that face… there’s that face you make when your cage is really hurting you, Hahaha. Don’t worry, it’ll shrink down to one inch soon!

Starring: Heather Highborne

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Category: CHASTITY
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