Maidization Full Season 1


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48 minutes. Includes 5 episodes.

Episode 1:  Party Wimp Clean Up.

Well, well well… you’ve certainly cleaned up well after the mess me and your friends made of you during the party.

It’s a good thing I glued the wig to your head… Ya know, with all those kicks to the balls you took… geez, your head was bobbing up and down like crazy every time we ruthlessly kicked you in the nuts, hahaha.

The house is in a real mess and my boyfriend made a mess of the bedroom so… that’s why I’ve dressed you up in a maid’s outfit.

Episode 2: Cucked and Dolled Up.

I’m back from shopping… I cuckolded you, making you buy me lingerie and stuff… Then making you help me get ready for my dates.

I’ve realized how much I love fucking you over… Now I’m going all the way. I’m going to turn you into a permanent sex doll.

We’re going to start off with hormones and corset training. Then we’re going to get your ears and nipples pierced and get you a tramp-stamp tattoo.

Episode 3: Publicly Paraded.
Awe, Did the pretty girls at the lingerie store giggle when they saw you walking around the store?
Now go try on your new lingerie and put on a pair of high heels and a thick coat of lipstick. let’s practice walking in heels… seductively. Hahaha.

Episode 4: Lingerie And Lipstick.
Do ya think my lips will turn him on and get him super-excited?
Do you think my date’s going to like the new lingerie you paid for?
Get over here and help me put on my super-high heels. I want you to suffer and look at the feet that made you a sissy… a shaved and permanently pierced sissy girl, hahaha.

Episode 5: Cleanup Cuck.
You’re totally cucked and totally fucked. I’ll even bring my lovers home and make you serve us drinks. Then I’ll make you my fluffer, helping get my lover rock hard and ready, and then, when you’re done, you can be the clean-up cuck.

Don’t forget, 24/7 in lingerie for a week. In complete denial of course. Let’s see what that does to you, sissy. You’re manhood is fuckin destroyed! Hahaha.

Starring: Lexi Chase. LexyChase11

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