Make Up To Serve Us (Episode 6 of Sissy Cuckold Contest)

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Episode 6 of Sissy Cuckold Contest – Binge Watch the Full Season 1 Here and save $$.

Good news wimp, I showed my ex your little cum eating video and he agreed to add a new humiliation task to your cuckold duties. We laughed and laughed about it, he’s such a man for being so mean to you… sorry but I couldn’t help it, he was fucking my pussy so good and I knew if he kept talking about the cruel stuff he was gonna do to you, it would make me cum so fuckin’ hard!

I’m gonna have to do your makeup. Yes… makeup. He doesn’t want some manly man goin over there to clean… your gonna have to look wimpy, ya know… metro sexual or whatever… so come here. (Wink)

You look just precious! I’ll tell him your on your way to the store for cleaning supplies. He’ll text you if he wants you to pick him up a six pack or anything, hahahaha. Bye pretty boy.

Astrid Star

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