Making Pies. House of Tricksters. Episode 1

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Award Winning Pornstar, Nina Elle, plays a crazy cult leader that lures a new girl into the cult. Nina is about to humiliate the new girl with a pie to the face when suddenly, the doorbell rings… It’s a super pathetic cult applicant, Nadia Valentine. Nina takes this unexpected opportunity to refrain from pieing her first applicant and proceeds to humiliate the more pathetic new comer, Nadia.

The superior applicant engages in the ritual of flirty Pie Making with Nina and is unaware that she may one day be Nina’s next messy cult victim.

No sex, No Pie Fight. Just Sexy Pie Making. Rated PG. This episode set up the story for later pie fights in the series.

Starring: Nina Elle, TS Nadia Valentine

Categories: Femdom, Fetish, Whipped Cream Fetish, WAM , Wet & Messy, Sploshing, Drama.

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: goddess nina elle