Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 1 episode 5)

Skyla Novia in a Feminization Fetish video

Well I stared to think about what else I could make him do and… well after I stopped laughing… I came up with the best fuckin idea ever! I got him to put the panties on and prance around. I’m gonna send it to you right now, hold on. Yea, I totally got him on camera begging to wear panties every fuckin day.


I like love this color… it matches your panties, loser. Actually… ya know what? You do need some lipstick… lots and lots of thick creamy lipstick… and your gonna put on a little show for me, and my camera! Now pucker up, sissy!

Starring Skyla Novea

Categories: Humiliation, Brat Girls, Sissy Training, Feminization, Make Me Bi, Forced Crossdressing, Female Domination, Femdom, Domestic Servitude, Bullying, Taboo, Lipstick Fetish, Blackmail Fantasy, Public Exposure.

Keywords:Skyla NoveaWimpfaggotbully
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