Permanent Chastity Ass Tease (Humilfication Day Episode 7)

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… Perfect if you’re already trapped in a chastity cage!

This is the seventh day on this parody of Groundhog Day.

Yea, I saw all your humiliation porn on your computer… all those denial photo captions… I really do think wimps like you are funny. In fact, I took the opportunity to dress up in this bunny outfit to SERVE up some super funny and cruel humiliation for ya!

So stroke it, loser! Start stroking your beta boy cock while you still can. Cuz one of these sick fantasies is comin’ true for you. Stroke… stroke it… awe… are ya feelin nice and stupid??? Yea???

I bet you’re feelin stupid enough to tell me that you want the most cruel “Bunny Chasity” photo caption to come true for ya, huh???

I told all my hot friends all about you. I bet you’de like to kneel and kiss our asses in these outfits, huh??? Well that’s good cuz you will be!

I’m gonna have a permanent chastity cage attached to your cock while my ass is in your face and my hot friends all laugh at you! Isn’t that the idea from that chastity caption on your computer??? I thought it would be perfect for you!

And as much fun as this little party is gonna be, the best part comes later. Over the next couple months, you’re gonna be trained as my new cuckold servant! Isn’t that hot???

Now thank each one of my ass cheeks for rejecting you.

Aiden Ashley

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