Popular Girl’s Panty Peasant (episode 3) Sing The Pink Panty Song

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I’m promoting you to a pink satin panty boy! Aren’t these just adorable! You are gonna look soooo cute in them!

I’ll be presenting you to the girls at the cafeteria tomorrow and I need you to thank me for putting you in a matching pink bra and panty set.

Ya know, like I want you to sorta roll your eyes in the back of your head in ecstasy while your rubbing your nipples and singing my praises. Awe, I know you’re not gay but I need you to be very convincing when you sing about how I made you see the truth… the truth about your need to wear silky pink panties!

You really did need this, huh pansy??? Muah! Yes you did… muah… yes you did pansy… muah… you needed it and I fuckin’ gave it to you.

Goddess Andie

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