Prancing Practice (Episode 1 of Season 2 of Producer of Pretty Lies)

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Awe, what??? Did ya think we were stopping at “French Maid outfit”??? Did ya think we were stopping at giving ya permanent “girly man boobs”? Hahahaha

Oh no no no, sweetie… you gotta go full and total sissy! And here’s what we ALL wanna see you in. A pink frilly sissy dress! Hahahaha.

I simply must get lots and lots of “test footage” of you prancing around in this!

I’m ordering you to PUT THIS ON. And after you do… I’ve got some lines I want you to rehearse!


Starring: Goddess Stella SOl

Categories: Humiliation, Sissy Training, Crossdressing, Feminization, Make ME Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Latex Leggings.