Producer of Pretty Lies (Full Season 1)

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Stella is the Milf neighbor that is taking full advantage of your fascination with her legs… Oh yes, she noticed… and used that against you to repeatedly asking you to help her around the house doing menial chores. How could you resist helping her zip up her dresses, polishing her shoes and even cleaning her gutters?

And since she knows how gullible you are when it comes to pretty ladies… shes offered to help with your acting career… she’s offered to put you in a role with your biggest celebrity crush!

Stella is a successful producer and when she says you need to commit to the role, you must obey.

Episode 1: Acting Smooth
Eoisode 2: Nailing The Role
Episode 3: Plucked And Pierced
Episode 4: Pretty Shoe Polisher

Over 45 minutes with a bonus photo gallery at the end of the Full Season version.

Starring: Stella Sol

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