Producer of Pretty Lies (Full Season 2)

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Stella, your sexy Milf neighbor, continues her manipulation by telling you that you need to dress up like a sissy to get the role and meet your biggest celebrity crush. Oh and she also felt it necessary to invite the male cast members over to pound your asshole.

In the final episode Stella reveals how she enjoyed manipulating and exploiting you. It’s all been a huge lie and you’ve been turned into a total sissy! And the best part is now she has you so twisted that you’ll continue to be her humiliated little sissy slave.

– Episode 1: Prancing Practice
– Episode 2: Loosen Up
– Episode 3: Legs, Lies and Laughter
– Bonus Slide Show


Starring: Goddess Stella SOl

Categories: Humiliation, Sissy Training, Crossdressing, Feminization, Make ME Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Leg Fetish, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Latex Leggings, Pantyhose Stockings, Bodysuit, Leotard Fetish, Forced Feminization, Forced Fem, Forced Bi.