Remember To Curtsy. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 4)

Skyla Novea Video

The more of a walking joke we make you, the more you’ll come around to being the sissy you need to be. Come to think of it… why didn’t you curtesy to me when you entered the kitchen. I specifically remember us agreeing with your bully that you should always curtsy when greeting a superior. We made you practice it 5 Fucking times at the store to show him your appreciation for the suggestion. So don’t think you’re just gonna brush that off. Let me see it, curtsy for me and thank me for being your superior and for the opportunity to make my breakfast. That was almost cute, dweeb. Ya know what would be even cuter? If you let me do your makeup before school, haha.

Awe, I know your just supposed to wear your bra and panties under you clothes to school but I think you could use just a little hint of foundation… maybe a little bronzer. Don’t worry nobody will even be able to tell. I mean the whole school had already seen the Facebook posts of you prancing around in pink panties and being humiliated at the mall but I guess you could try and act normal at school. Now get started on breakfast and get changed into the matching bra and panty set mom has laid out for you today.

Starring Skyla Novea

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