Sissy Spectacle On Stage – The Office Of Extinction (episode 5)

Sissification Video

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Are ya ready for your big night, hahahaha. It’s almost time for the audience to shuffle in and take their seats. I just want you to remember that everyone in here is superior to you on every genetic level. And it’s our pleasure and our duty to show little beta boys like you that shrimp dicks and submissives don’t have a reason to reproduce. Most don’t even have a reason to keep breathing, hahahaha.

Oh and since the camera is gonna be getting some nice closeups of the mixture of spit and pain on your face… I think we need to get started on your makeup. Oh and now we gotta show the governess what a cocksucker your gonna be for her… I got some bright red lipstick just for you darling.  Pucker up, whore!

Just wait till she leads the hot girls on stage to spit in your face as you furiously try and stroke your genetically inferior caged cock. Just wait til you hear all that laughter at your expense. Cuz when you start to drip precum out of your cage, she’s gonna put a steel collar on your neck and open up the voting on the rest of the lockable attachments. Locking sissy posture kits or locking sissy dresses… or locking seven inch high heels.

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