Spiked Chastity And Stroking (Humilfication Day Episode 3)

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I found your humiliation porn collection… I especially liked the pictures with the humiliating captions… Did you make those??? Ummm hmmm… I see. Well am I to understand that you want all this sick and twisted stuff to happen to you?

Well darling… I think anyone that takes the time to write out, in excruciating detail, all these captions, really wants IT ALL to happen to them! And you’re gonna fuckin’ get it all… every last humiliating bit of it!

Now get out into the living room… I want you standing out there naked! You’re soon to be a chastity cage chump, a denied dummy, a cuckolded worm, a ridiculed retard… yes, I said ridiculed cuz me and the guy I’m fucking are gonna laugh our asses off when your polishing our shoes.

So this is how it’s gonna be, loser. I’m gonna put this spiked cage on you… and then I’m gonna let you stroke your cock!

Stroke while you imagine all the sex I’ve had behind your back…

Aiden Ashley

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