Stroked Stupid. So you Wanna Serve – Season 1 Episode 1

A Raven Bay video
A Raven Bay video

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So you wanna serve a pornstar? You know that’s kinda way above serving some random girl. Are you sure you wanna be used by a pornstar with lots of hot pornstar friends to watch and laugh at you? It’s gonna be really humiliating… and degrading… and brain damaging.

Oh I think I’ll give you a hand while we talk about duration if your servitude. Does it feel good when I stroke your subservient little cock? Do you want me to stop??? No? Don’t stop now? Oh how about I make you feel like my submissive servant forever? Does that feel good? Oh forever huh? You wanna serve me forever??? Even if I use you, ignore you and laugh at you? Awe, you really want this to last forever huh? Swear it to me… say “I wanna serve Raven Bay forever!”

Goddess Raven Bay

Link to Raven On American Mean Girls

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