Teasing And Extracting (Season 1 Episode 1 of Incriminatrix)

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I’ve got a present for you…It’s a surprise….

But first I think I’m gonna need some information…bank accounts and all… just to get to know you a little better…

Now, are you sure you want your surprise??? I see… should I give it to ya now or in front of all my girlfriends later??? Well darling, I guess you deserve it…. you really do… so here it is…

I’m gonna totally enslave you! Hahahaha…

I’m gonna just order you to stroke to my feet tonight while you let it all sink in… how totally screwed you are!

Starring: Princess Amber

Categories: Humiliation, Financial Domination, Blackmail Fetish, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Pantyhose Feet, Latex Leggings, Gloves Fetish.

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