The Office Of Extinction (episode 1) The B1 Beta Program

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You’re in a female led society… captured and find yourself in a chair at the government “Office of Extinction”. The place where inferior males are sent to be castrated or “disposed of”. Suddenly the sexy office girl turns around and reveals that it’s your ex-girlfriend! Yes, She works there at the beta seed disposal division!

You’ve been paying her bills and funding her travels for a year and have depleted your savings… and then you finally got the guts to take your pants off in front of her. Too bad you were a “full inch under” the state penis size minimum and she turned you into the “Office of Extinction”.

What will she recommend for you… Castration??? Penectomy??? Disposal???

She phones the Governess and they devise a humiliating plan. They give you a government “B1 Beta Visa” which means you will be put you in a spiked chastity cage and be humiliated on State Propaganda TV.  You don’t know what’s in store for you but you will be completely sissified and made into a household name. Your degradation will be used to strike fear into the minds of any wimps the are still in hiding and get them to turn themselves in for processing.

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