The Office Of Extinction (episode 2) Tiny Chastity Cage for Big Laughs

Chastity Tease

Click Here to watch this Chastity Cage video.

Here you are, locked up in the smallest, most painful chastity device that our military makes.

For the good of the state, the governess has allowed me to televise your utter humiliation on stage. You’ll endure so much humiliation that not even a retarded humiliation junkie would want it.  You’ll name will be a national joke. All the inferior shrimp dicks that are still in hiding from the “Office of Extinction” will watch and turn themselves in for immediate castration or disposal.

Imagine the crowd of laughing women behind that stage curtain… cuz I’m gonna put my latex ass in your face and make the spikes in the tip of your chastity cage really start digging in!

Why don’t you show me the gratitude in your eyes right now as you jiggle your cage for me???

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