We Call it Clowning (Oops, I Broke Another Peasant, Episode 6)

Heather Highborne
Heather Highborne

I’m sure old friends and coworkers have all been wondering what ever happened to you. All they know is that you were applying to be my personal assistant and then you disappeared. Poor you, hahahaha.

You had no idea this was a 24/7 slave position… and now it’s too late… I mean once my daddy’s firm approves your application… the only way out is thru a wood chipper. And besides, by now, you’re madly in love with me.

After I shave you a bald spot, my salon girls will dye the rest of your hair orange! I want you to have that Bozo look!

Oh and let’s not forget the clown makeup… I want you lookin like a total bozo! I’m sure my salon girls can permanently tattoo all that makeup on your face!

You exist to be ridiculed! You’re a shoe polishing clown! A joke! And most importantly your a symbol of what a superior can do to a wimp, hahahaha!

Starring: Heather Highborne

Categories: Foot Fetish, Chastity, Tease And Denial, Domestic Servitude, Slave Training, FLR, Female Led Relationship, Shoe Fetish, Humiliation, Brat Girls, Goddess Worship, Legs Fetish, Latex, Lipstick Fetish.